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Prisoners Resource provides an array of services to ensure that all the needs of the incarcerated are handled.

We provide Legal Resources and Communication Alternatives.

More services are being added.

Keeping you connected, one piece at a time.

Communication Alternatives


Prisoners Resource specializes in Communication Alternatives that alleviate the high cost of connecting with your incarcerated loved ones.  Contact us at so we can discuss all the available options.




Legal Resources


Is your loved one in the need of legal assistance?  We know that many of your loved ones are continuing the litigation process.  We provide solutions that will greatly enhance their success in their litigation effort.  Contact us at to discuss all the available options that can be provided.

Reentry Services


Is your loved one at a crossroad?  Let us assist them in their transition back into society.  We have a partnerships that will assist them once they are released.  Contact us at to discuss with one of our representatives all the available options available.

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To discovery how our services can be utilized for you and your loved ones, please contact us immediately.

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New Partner Joins Prisoners Resource

Prisoners Resource engages in a partnership to provide discounted communication alternatives.


Prisoners Resource Develops an innovative way for family members and those incarcerated in a Federal Facility to stay always connected

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